The building

The Background

The finalisation of the planning stage was when a building, with the correct profile, architectonically suited to the morphology of the area, to the natural scenery in which it lay and to the needs of the future public.

The idea behind the project came from the Matterhorn, the existing name-place “Rocce Nere” and the logo of CERVINO S.p.a., which acquired a new identity transforming, with every line drawn, from a rocky mountain into a structure made up of different parts.

Five solid areas, of different shapes and sizes, merge with together, creating a strongly cohesive architectural movement, which is also in harmony with the landscape.

Studio Grafitech

Arch. Rassel Tresca
Arch. Marco Zavattaro
Geom. Marco Tropiano
Via Festaz 64 Aosta

The Work

The architectural area is comprised of five distinct structures, independent but also modular. Each element has a framework of laminated wood and XLAM panels to support a skin covering the entire building, made up of important thermal insulation and a metallic finishing layer. High performance installations, which respect the environment (heating pump and air treatment unit), and the furnishings, have all been designed and made to measure to create a contemporary ambience, which is comfortable and welcoming.

Thanks to careful planning, an efficient and professional work group and the skill of those carrying out the work, it has been possible to complete the structure in only 6 months, including the demolition of the previous older building.

Reaching us easy!

Rocce Nere is to be found less than 100 metres from the exit of the top station of the first cable car between Cervinia and Plan Maison: it is not necessary to be on skis to reach us. 30 metres away from the building is the bottom station of the Plan Maison chair lift.

Loc. Plan Maison
Telephone: +39 0166 87 06 07
Mobile: +39 333 117 59 60

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