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Rocce Nere Cervinia

Our cuisine is based on enhancing excellent high quality local, national and international DOP products, expertly combined by our Chef Alessandro, to offer a truly gourmet experience at high altitude.

Start your lunch with a tasty starter or share a board, such as the #Roccenera, with fine quality cold cuts and cheeses served with a fragrant white ‘focaccia’ with crystal salt.

Choose from amongst the freshly made pasta, the thick RocceNera soup with slow food ‘Cicerchia di Serra De’Conti or our lasagne.


Cantabrico Anchovies

served with butter, crispy bread and black truffle spread.

Fassone Beef Tartare

with Pantelleria capers, mustard bread sticks and condiments with black truffle added

Baked Camember

with croutons seasoned with walnuts, rosemary and honey, with black truffle added.

Octopus with paprika and soya

roasted on a bed of chick pea puré.

Our cotechino (large spiced sausage)

on a bed of Aosta Valley cheese fondue.

Thin slices of marinaded alpine trout

rainbow and salmon trout smoked by the Aosta Valley Altura company, served with dill, potatoes seasoned with mountain herbs and a shot of Belvedere Vodka, baked in foil.

First Course

De’ Filippo’s Ravioli

Ravioli made by our chef, with ricotta and ‘Gessato di Pecora’ ewe cheeses, served with a Mont d’Or cheese sauce

La Carbonara

Spaghetti “Rustichella d’Abruzzo” with a carbonara sauce.

Lo Scialatiello

with tuna, Pantelleria capers and baby tomatoes.

La Lasagna

Lasagna with a meat sauce, just out of the oven.

Polenta crusts

with Bleu d’Aosta cheese fondue and stewed boletus mushrooms.

Lo Gnocco

with white game meat sauce.

Ideas for a second course? Our Chef suggests our large “Elephant Ear” cutlet and hamburgers, also made of Quinoa. If you prefer something grilled, at the Rocce Nera you can find fine cuts of meat such as the whole rib, ribeye and Wagyu sirloin steaks. Not to be missed are the spit roasted baby cockerel with oven potatoes.

From the Grill

Orecchia d’elefante

Milanese breaded slice of veal, served with roasted potatoes and crushed baby tomatoes.

Stinco al forno

Pork shin served with roasted potatoes.

Filetto al pepe verde

Green –peppered Fassona fillet steak served with roast potatoes and vegetables.

Puntine di maiale

Slow-cooked pork ribs served with roast potatoes.

Flambéd spit-roasted young cockeral

Spit roasted cockerel flambé, served with roast potatoes.

Trota salmonata

Salmon trout cooked in mountain butter, served with blackcurrants and walnuts.


Rocce Nere

Dark chocolate and toasted almond cake with a soft berry mousse.


With mascarpone cream cheese, coffee and chocolate wafers.

Apple strudel

Served with a delicious vanilla ice-cream.

Snow ball

Saffron sponge cake with hazelnut ice-cream, covered in meringue flambé.

Sacher cake

One-portion iconic Viennese chocolate cake.


Bavarese with almonds and chocolate or peaches and soft fruit.

Reaching us easy!

Rocce Nere is to be found less than 100 metres from the exit of the top station of the first cable car between Cervinia and Plan Maison: it is not necessary to be on skis to reach us. 30 metres away from the building is the bottom station of the Plan Maison chair lift.

Loc. Plan Maison
Telephone: +39 0166 87 06 07
Mobile: +39 333 117 59 60

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